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The Use of Traditional Knowledge in Weather Forecasting by Nganyi Community

By Misiani Zachary1, 2*, Lun Yin3, 4*, Mwai Zacharia1, Antonine Sakwa5, Xiaohan Zhang2, Yanyan Zheng6, Bousted Mukolwe1

Traditional weather and climate forecasting is used by many indigenous communities globally as a guide in making vital decisions that enable them to cope and adapt to the effects of the climate change-induced extremes in weather variation. This study focused on how traditional knowledge is being used to forecast weather in Vihiga County. It is the resolution of this study to show how Indigenous Knowledge Systems have been used by Nganyi community to predict local weather and seasonal changes in their environment. The objective of this study was to highlight and document indigenous weather forecasting knowledge by the Nganyi Community in Western Kenya. The study was based on interactions with the Nganyi community members in identified Nganyi Shrines for this research in Vihiga County. From the study it can be noted that there is a rapid disappearance of fauna and flora due to climate variability and human induced activities. There are few elders aware of traditional methods of weather forecasting. Therefore, making traditional weather forecast less dependable. The study concludes that the traditional leaders need to be empowered to assist in the conservation of resources in their communities.

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Avr 04, 2021




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